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Tiger was working on his swings, while most kids were playing the typical childhood games.Being an active war veteran, Tiger’s father, Earl, could enter the Navy golf courses and would take his son along.When Earl was serving in Southeast Asia, he met a Thai woman named Kultida, would later become his wife and the mother of his children.Earl knew his son was good, but he probably never imagined he would be as good as he was at such a young age.From multi-million dollar contracts with the biggest advertisers to his beautiful family and his consecutive wins, it seemed like everything was going for the star, until it all fell apart.This is the story of the world’s greatest golfer and his own fall from greatness.In order for us to understand how it all went down for the number one golf player in the world, we have to understand his history, his roots, the pressure he was under growing up and how it all started basically.Since he was two years old, Tiger was exposed to the world of the prestigious sport of golf as his dad was a golfer himself.

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Tiger kept ascending his way to greatness and in 1996 he went pro and literally turned into a phenomenon not only in the golf world, but also internationally.Before he was able to talk, he was already a star in the making.Little did Woods know that his life would have so many ups and downs, just like on the golf course.By the age of four, Tiger already had his own professional coach who started training him to become a superstar. It’s fairly rare for someone at such a young age to start training to become a professional golfer, and so there’s no wonder that it didn’t take long for offers to come his way to appear on television.His television appearance debut was on the famous daytime talk show, The Mike Douglas Show.

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